Bean - Blue Lake Bush Bean, Certified Organic

Avg seeds/pkt 56

Crisp and sweet and quick to produce, Blue Lake bush beans are a very popular warm-weather crop and a perfect introduction to gardening.

Two weeks after your average last frost date, or when soil temperature is at least 65°F, sow beans 1 inch deep and 4 inches apart, with 18 to 36 inches between rows, in well-drained soil with full sun. Keep soil moist, checking twice daily if weather is hot and dry. Plants emerge in 5 to 10 days. For a steady harvest, sow every 2 weeks. Yields may be increased by coating seeds with a commercially-available inoculant at planting.

Beans need an inch of water each week when blossoming and developing pods, but wet leaves are susceptible to disease. In the absence of rain, water deeply in the morning and allow plants to dry before handling.

Blue Lake bush beans appear in clusters on 18-inch plants in about 55 days. To promote maximum yields, pick thoroughly and regularly—every other day for about three weeks or more. When summer beans are done, pull them and plant a fall crop of lettuce in their nitrogen-rich soil.

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