Carrot - Paris-Market, Certified Organic

Avg seeds/pkt 320

At maturity, this famously rounded and flavorful carrot looks like a baby—not the watery, whittled-down store version—more like the pulled-too-soon version that looks great on a plate. Yet, Paris Market carrot has all of the sweet, full-grown flavor, color and nutrition of the best home-grown varieties. It does well in shallow containers, is a good keeper, and is easy to harvest: just lift from the soil, plunge in cold water, hose off loose grit, trim the greens (they’re edible) and air-dry those cute roots before putting them in cold storage.

Sow carrots when soil temps are above 45°F—about 4 weeks before last frost, in full-sun or part-shade, in a 2-foot-wide seedbed that’s been amended with compost and a balanced, granular fertilizer. Carefully scatter the tiny seeds, so that they land about an inch apart. Cover with 1/8th inch of soil or screened compost and water gently. Germination may take 2–3 weeks. Thin to 3 inches apart.

Water plants regularly—dry soil will encourage thinner, longer carrots—and feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer every other week. Harvest in 74 days. Sow again in mid-Summer for a Fall crop in 90 days.

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