Morning Glory - Heavenly Blue, Annual

Avg seeds/pkt 50

These glorious, vivid blue flowers are best sown directly outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. When planted against a fence, arbor, wall or trellis, vines with attractive, heart-shaped leaves may climb 6 feet and beyond. Patience pays off midsummer with a mass of morning blooms which last all day when skies are cloudy.

Sow seeds in a sunny spot, 1/4 inch deep in healthy garden soil, 2 weeks after your average last frost date, or when soil is at least 70°F. Space seeds 3 to 6 inches apart and keep soil moist. Plants emerge in 6 to 15 days. Note that morning glory seeds are poisonous in large quantities. Keep them away from children and pets.

When plants are 5 inches tall, thin to 6 inches apart and mulch to keep soil cool and moist. When vines are 24 inches tall, feed lightly with a low-nitrogen fertilizer appropriate for flowering plants. Excessive nitrogen and over-watering will delay or prevent blooming.

Morning Glories are frequently used to create privacy screens, backdrops for other plants, and as colorful groundcover for slopes. Unlike many other morning glory varieties, Heavenly Blue does not typically self-sow.

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