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Besides nasturtium’s bright flavor and pest-resistance, it is known for cheery colors which really pop among leafy vegetables like cabbage or kale. Its round leaves have their own charm, and will add a peppery kick to salads. The flowers of ‘Vesuvius’ range in color from soft coral to vivid orange-red, with maroon and gold centers. They are edible and keep well uncovered for a few days in cool storage.

Sow nasturtiums after your average last frost date, an inch deep and 10 inches apart in spot in the garden with some afternoon shade, or a container which can be moved if needed. They thrive on poor but moist, well-drained soil. The seeds are large and can be soaked (no more than 24 hours) to speed germination. Unsoaked seeds emerge in 2 weeks or more. Plants mature over 6 weeks, and then make a continuous supply of 2–3-inch flowers on 14-inch stems.

I’ve heard that nasturtiums self-sow, and mine might, too, if I didn’t pick so many of the early birds. After a slow period in the dry heat of Summer, nasturtiums make a strong comeback and go all out until a hard frost, making them a star in the Fall garden.

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