Portulaca - Double Mix, Annual

Avg seeds/pkt 820

Portulaca is an easy-to-grow annual that need little or no care once established. The rosettes of petals in vibrant jewel-tones bring to mind party dresses of days gone by.

Sow seeds indoors for earlier blooms, or outdoors in full sun early in the spring. Cover with a fine layer of soil, tamp it down and keep moist until germination, in about 14 days.  If transplanting from indoors, wait until all possibility of frost is past before setting out seedlings.

Portulaca, also referred to as moss rose, prefers dry sandy soil, making it a great choice for drought-prone areas. Water transplants every other day for 10 days, gradually reducing amounts. Feed only once early in the season with a high nitrogen fertilizer.

When established, the Double Mix Portulaca plant require very little watering, and within a couple of months each low-growing plant will spread to 8 inches or wider, covered with blooms.

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