Borage - Starflower

Avg seeds/pkt 50

Bees and butterflies love the never-ending supply of 3/4-inch, vibrant-blue starflowers. Now popular in flower beds, this 24-inch annual herb has been a garden essential throughout history. Just a few plants tucked among the vegetables and throughout the berry patch will improve pollination rates and yields. The edible flowers are mildly sweet, used fresh as a garnish with cold food and drink,
or candied for pastry and cake decoration.

Once danger of frost has passed, sow seeds directly in average, well-drained soil, 1/2 inch deep and 4 inches apart. Borage seeds germinate in the dark. Water carefully to prevent them from rising to the surface. Plants emerge in 5 to 15 days.
When rosettes of young leaves are 3 inches across, thin to 12 inches apart. An occasional, very light application of low-nitrogen fertilizer or compost will help borage keep blooming even after the first frost.

This hardy annual will self-sow if the seeds are not collected or removed before they fall, but the resulting plants are easily managed.

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