Squash - Pattypan Early White Summer Squash

Avg seeds/pkt 25

Early white pattypans should really be picked when they’re small, green and glossy for unbeatable flavor and tenderness. Lucky for me it’s an early and prolific producer. Just 4 hills planted at 2-week intervals provide a steady supply of perfect fruit, with enough of the beautiful white squash remaining for a still-life with pattypan.

As with most summer squash, choose a sunny location and loosen soil, adding plenty of compost to form 12-inch-high-and-wide mounds spaced 4 feet apart. After your last frost sow 3 seeds in a mound, 1 inch deep and 4 inches apart. Firm soil and keep moist. Avoid over-watering to prevent seeds from rotting. Plant with oregano to combat Squash Vine Borers, and reserve several seeds for later sowings.

Plants emerge in 5–10 days. When plants have 3 true leaves, thin to 1 plant per mound, and side-dress with compost or a low-nitrogen fertilizer. I also drench plants with a dilute liquid kelp for micronutrients. Mulch well and water deeply twice a week, in the morning.
Begin to harvest when squash are 2–4 inches across, about 45 days after germination.

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