Bean - Romano Pole Bean, Certified Organic

Avg seeds/pkt 38

 The Romano pole bean is a very old variety of flat, stringless beans known for rich flavor and, like most pole beans, high yields over a long harvest. Old-timers like these stewed in a traditional way, and the tender-crisp version is good, too.

Sow seeds in full sun and in well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter, a couple of weeks after last frost, or when soil temperatures have warmed to 65°F.  Build a teepee with six 6-foot poles—leave an entrance for easy harvest—and plant seeds 1 inch deep with 6 seeds around each pole. If using a trellis, space seeds 6 inches apart and water well. Seedlings emerge within 10 days.

Beans need an inch of water per week when blossoming and developing pods, but wet leaves are susceptible to disease. In the absence of rain, water deeply in the morning and allow plants to dry before handling.

After 60 days, or when pods reach 6 inches in length and are still tender and sweet, harvest thoroughly every day to keep plants producing through the end of summer.
Allow soup beans to dry on the vine and if necessary, finish indoors. Test them for long-term storage: hit one with a hammer and it should shatter.

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