Poppy - Icelandic Mix, Perennial

Avg seeds/pkt 2800

Icelandic Poppies have three-inch blossoms of crepe-paper petals in vivid colors that catch and hold the sun.

Poppies should be seeded directly into their permanent location as soon as soil can be worked in early Spring. It’s easiest to make a mix of the tiny seed and sand which can be sprinkled on loosened and raked soil that is well-drained and enriched with high quality compost. A thin layer of soil 0is sifted over the seed mix and everything gently watered.

It is important to maintain moisture until germination occurs, within 16 days. A few handfuls of straw scattered very loosely over the seed-bed can conserve a surprising amount of moisture and may greatly improve germination.

Thin seedlings to ten inches apart, feed with a 20-20-20 balanced fertilizer every two weeks and, in the absence of rain, water a couple times a week. Remove spent flowers to encourage new blooms.

Icelandic Poppies may take 70 days to blossom. They can reach 2 feet in height, and will attract birds, bees and butterflies to the garden. For long lasting bouquets, cut flowers early in the morning.

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