Pumpkin - Sugar Pie Pumpkin, Certified Organic

Avg seeds/pkt 30

Sugar Pie pumpkin: this very popular and easy-to-grow squash is prolific and dependable. Three or four fine-grained fruit, ranging between three and seven pounds, grow on each vine. They are considered by most to be the best choice for smooth, rich pumpkin soups, breads and desserts.

Winter squash are not particularly heavy feeders but do well when established in sun-drenched “hills” of rich soil, 4 feet apart and full of compost and granular, organic fertilizer.
When the last frost is a few weeks past and soil temperatures hover in the high 60s, press 6 seeds 1 inch deep into each hill, firm soil, and water gently. Plants emerge within 8 days, and a couple of weeks later you can snip off all but the best 3 plants in each hill. Mulch and then water deeply a couple of times a week in absence of good rains. I find it helpful to drench leaves and soil with dilute liquid kelp.

Sugar Pie pumpkins take about 100 days to mature, with 3 or 4 per vine, each weighing up to 7 pounds. Harvest before the first hard frost, and cure them for 2 weeks in a sunny or warm, dry area before storing them in a cool, dry spot for use within 4 months.

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