Tomato - Large Red Cherry Tomato, Certified Organic

Large Red Cherry tomatoes: easy to grow and more productive than their full-size cousins, cherry tomatoes can save the summer for many gardeners. Traditionally started indoors, cherry tomatoes will also germinate and thrive when sown directly in a warm spot with at least 6 hours of sun.

To start indoors, begin 6 weeks before your average last frost date. Sow seeds in pairs, 1/8 inch deep and 3/4 inch apart in seed starting mix. Cover lightly, and press gently for seed-to-soil contact. Keep moist and warm (75°F). When plants emerge within 10 days, ensure they receive 12-18 hours of bright light per day. Fluorescent lamps should suffice. Thin out taller seedlings and harden-off plants over 1 week before transplanting to the garden when soil temperatures are 65°F.

Or, sow outdoors when soil is 70°F or warmer. Plant 4 seeds every 2 feet, in well-drained soil, rich in composted organic matter, and keep moist until plants emerge in 5 to 15 days. Stake or cage these indeterminate vines, which can grow to 6 feet or more. Water deeply and consistently when soil is dry to the touch. Feed every few weeks with a low-nitrogen fertilizer.

Plant borage nearby to attract pollinators. Harvest in 55 days and up to the first frost.

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