Eggplant - Black Beauty Eggplant

Avg seeds/pkt 60

If you’re reading this you may already know the pleasures of ratatouille, pâté, parmesan, and the many other ways to stuff, bake, grill, or stir-fry the versatile eggplant. Black Beauty eggplant is a delicious and large, deep-purple variety that is quite productive at the end of a long season.

Start plants indoors 6 weeks before your average last frost date. Sow seeds in pairs, 1/4-inch deep and about 1/2-inch apart. Cover lightly and press gently for good seed-
to-soil contact. Keep moist and warm—85°F is optimal. Seedlings emerge in 5 to 10 days and will need 16 hours of bright light per day to grow strong stems and large leaves.

When outdoor soil temperatures reach 65°F and seedlings have at least 2 true leaves, gradually harden them off outside for a week before transplanting them about 2 feet apart in well-drained soil, rich in composted organic matter, in full sun. Traditional plant companions are tomatoes, basil, borage, parsley and peppers, all of which make good neighbors.

Black Beauty eggplants are mature 75 days after transplanting. When they are 7 to 9 inches long with dark, glossy skin, cut the stems with pruners and use or refrigerate.

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