Lettuce - Lollo Rossa Red Leaf Lettuce, Certified Organic

Avg seeds/pkt 110

This beautiful leaf lettuce has more body than most and will form a loose, frilly head the size of a salad bowl. Crinkly outer leaves really dress up a sandwich and give it a nice crunch. Smaller inner leaves are great vehicles for dips.

Plant lollo rossa early and often, starting a couple of weeks before last frost. Start your first crops in full sun and move to shadier spots as the soil warms. Sow 4 inches apart on the surface of a leveled seedbed which has plenty of organic matter. Lettuce seeds need light. Try to cover them and firm into place with just a thin layer of soil, and water gently and frequently for germination within 8 days.

A tight plant spacing provides shade for cool, moist soil without additional mulch (which can provide cover for slugs). Thin or transplant young lettuce plants to 8 inches apart and water regularly. Feed with a natural all-purpose fertilizer every couple of weeks. Outer leaves can be cut at any time or the whole plant can be harvested in 55 days.

Microgreens are the young fingerlings of greens like lettuce, densly seeded and grown—usually in shallow trays of seed-starting-mix—for a swift harvest all at once, about 20 days after germination.

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