Bean - Scarlet Runner Bean

Avg seeds/pkt 19

Scarlet runner beans are often thought of as flowering vines favored by hummingbirds, but their bright green pods have good flavor and are best when picked young and often. The scarlet flowers are also edible and pretty as a garnish.

After your last average frost date, scope out a warm and sunny spot next to a fence, trellis or other support and make sure there is well-rained soil with some organic matter. Plant beans 1 inch deep and 3 inches apart. Keep soil moist. Seedlings should emerge within 6 days.

Beans need an inch of water each week when blossoming and developing pods, but wet leaves are susceptible to disease. In the absence of rain, water deeply in the morning and allow plants to dry before handling.

Scarlet Runners will flower and set pods starting 44 days after planting, and will continue until a hard frost. At that time should you find some overlooked, and very large pods, you can dry them and save the deep purple and pink speckled beans to plant the following year. Or, if every pod is left to dry you may have enough for a few pots of beans and greens.

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