Bachelor's Buttons - Tall-Blue, Annual

Avg seeds/pkt 100

Dozens of deep-blue buttons pop from long, slender stems, reminding us to cut more flowers. If you miss planting this hardy annual as soon as soil can be worked in early Spring, they will do just as well sown in early Summer.

Either way, choose a very sunny spot with well-drained, average soil. Scatter seeds and rake them in. Be sure to cover them lightly with soil, and water gently and frequently until germination in a week or two.

After the average last day of frost, young seedlings can be transplanted or thinned to 12 inches apart, or 18-inch spacing if you plan to support their 4-foot-long branches with cages or stakes.

No fertilizer is needed, but bachelor’s buttons do respond well to regular watering during dry spells, and should start flowering in 68 days. Then, make regular cuttings which last in water for about 5 days. To preserve Centaurea the old-fashioned way, choose stems with flowers which are not yet half-open, and hang them upside-down in a dark and dry area with good air circulation.

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