Beet - Red Early Wonder Tall Tops, Certified Organic

Avg seeds/pkt 150

Early Wonder beet greens will quickly create an 18-inch canopy, keeping the soil shaded and moist below. I think that’s why they can produce sweet “baby” beets so fast.

Whatever size you need or prefer, expect Early Wonders to be delicious.
Four weeks before your usual last frost date, prepare a seed bed by adding materials like well-rotted compost, hardwood ashes (a quarter gallon spread over 100 square feet) and low-nitrogen granular fertilizer to create a loose, rich soil with plenty of organic matter. Sow seeds 1/2 inch deep, 1 inch apart with 14 inches of space between rows. Keep soil moist and free of weeds. Leaves emerge in 7 to 20 days. After two weeks, thin to 2 inches apart and two weeks later, thin again to 4 inches apart, and fertilize for the last time.

Beets do best in consistently moist soil, so mulch and water regularly. Harvest “baby” beets when they are 1 inch in diameter (about 25 days) or up to 4 inches diameter sometime between 40 and 80 days. Young beet greens can be harvested sparingly while the root takes shape; used at the same time the beets are pulled; or grown as a crop without harvesting the root.

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