Celery - Golden Pascal

Avg seeds/pkt 220

Celery is always welcome in my garden and kitchen now that I know it’s a super anti-inflammatory food, and that it’s not as fussy as “they” sometimes claim it to be. True, it does best when transplants can grow over three months of cool weather, between 55 and 75°F. So be sure to plant seeds indoors 10 weeks before your usual last frost date.

Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep and 1/2 inch apart and keep moist. Germination may take up to 4 weeks at 70°F. Incandescent lights may be too warm for seedlings–try cooler fluorescent bulbs for 12 hours a day if extra light is needed.

Three weeks before last frost date, harden-off seedlings over the course of a week. Then, choose a sunny spot, enrich the soil with compost and a balanced granular fertilizer, and transplant the seedlings every 12 inches. Mulch, and water frequently: do not let the soil dry out. Side-dress with a balanced fertilizer once a month. Celery may need some protection when night temps are expected to dip below 50°F for more than 12 hours.

Harvest outer stalks a few at a time as soon as they are 10 inches tall. Blanching is a common practice before cutting a mature bunch: tie paper bags around the plants for two weeks to lighten and sweeten the stalks.

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