Chives - Perennial, Certified Organic

Avg seeds/pkt 70

Chives are the onion’s pretty, perennial cousin with shorter, slender leaves and pale purple flowers. Traditionally used in savory dishes such as soups and sauces, chive leaves and flowers have been promoted to the top of the plate as an elegant garnish.
Germination is easy but slow, requiring fresh seed, soil

temperatures around 65°F and darkness. Sow chive seeds 1/2-inch deep in rich soil, one week before your average last frost date. Water carefully to avoid disturbing the seeds. First leaves emerge in 2 to 4 weeks.

Harvest new chives sparingly after 60 days, cutting them no lower than 2 inches above the ground. Once established, chives will become 8 to 14 inches tall with an average spread of 12 inches. Leaves and flowers can be harvested regularly and used fresh, frozen or dried.

Chives are a common companion plant. There is evidence that growing chives under apple trees will prevent borers and apple scab, especially when trees and chives are at least 3 years old. Interplanted with carrots, chives are known to improve growth and flavor.

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