Oregano - Greek Oregano

Avg seeds/pkt 500

Greek oregano, an easy-to-grow perennial herb with subtle white flowers, grows throughout my garden and in pots, too. I’ve taken a liking to everything about it, especially after reading of its purported medicinal qualities, but its main use is as an essential flavoring, fresh or dried, in many cuisines.

After your usual last frost date, when soil temperatures are close to 70°F, choose a spot with average soil, in full-sun or part-shade, and carefully scatter the tiny seeds. Cover them with a very fine layer of soil, tamp it down, and gently water so as not to send them running. I like to lay a fine “netting” of loose straw or pine needles over the seedbed to help retain moisture for germination, which should occur within 14 days.

When seedlings reach 8 inches in height, pinch back to encourage branched, bushy plants which can grow 30 inches tall in full sun, or spread like a ground cover in shadier situations. Fertilizer is not necessary. For best flavor we are instructed to harvest stems and leaves just as the small pale flowers are about to open, but I cut some whenever I want its pungent aroma or flavor, no matter the season. Oregano self-sows freely.

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