Squash - Burgess Buttercup Winter Squash

Avg seeds/pkt 22

Burgess Buttercup Winter Squash: this turban-style squash is both decorative and delicious. Up to a dozen 3- to 5-pound squash can be expected per plant. Plant with its companions, beans and corn, for a “Three Sisters” patch in the Native American tradition.

After soil temperatures consistently reach 70°F for a week, mix a granular, organic fertilizer into the top 6 inches of soil and press seeds 1 inch deep every 6 inches in rows spaced 3 feet apart, or plant 6 seeds in mounds which are spaced 4 feet apart. Water regularly and gently. Seedlings emerge within 10 days.

After vines have 4 true leaves, thin plants to about 2 feet apart in rows or leave 3 plants per mound. Water deeply twice a week, early in the day to allow leaves to dry.

Burgess Buttercup squash reach maturity in about 95 days but be sure to harvest them before a hard frost. Cut them from the vines leaving a 2- or 3-inch stem or handle, which preserves the quality of squash during storage. Cure in the sun, or in a warm dry place for at least two weeks, then store in a cool dry place for use within 4 months.

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