Squash - Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash

Avg seeds/pkt 32

Sweet Dumpling Squash: these cuties are the perfect late-summer roasting squash because they can be picked and eaten the same day. The texture is soft and dry; the flavor is like a sweet potato. Each vine produces about 4 one-pound squash with a shape suited to stuffing.

When soil temperatures are steadily above 70°F, press 4 or 5 seeds an inch deep into hills of sun-drenched soil which have been amended with compost. Water daily until germination. Seedlings emerge within 10 days. When plants have 2 sets of “true leaves”, thin to 4 plants per hill and mulch. Encourage root growth by watering thoroughly twice a week. Regular fertilization is not necessary although some people swear by occasional foliar feedings with dilute liquid kelp.

Sweet Dumpling squash reach maturity in about 80 days but you will know they are ready to harvest when the vine and leaves start to die back, well before the first hard frost. Harvest squash leaving a two inch stem or handle and, if desired, cure in a warm, dry place for 10 to 14 days to enhance flavor and sugar content while extending shelf-life. Store up to 3 months in a cool and dry spot.

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